Creative Director
Project manager
3D Sets & Animation
I was tasked with directing and producing a 10-minute live music concert for a local Italian artist, Bietto. This video was streamed live at his concert as he performed his new album.

Live Music Visuals

Puntine is an abstract experience about the artist, Bietto, waking up in his room and going on a journey around the universe. The whole concert consisted of 5 shortened songs from his latest album. Each set design was inspired from conversations with the artist and the music itself.

The Bedroom Set

The first scene, Bietto's bedroom, is decorated in primary colors - red, yellow, and blue. These colors have also been adapted to become the project's main palette. In this story, Bietto wakes up in his bedroom only to realize he is dreaming. A cloudy sky fills the room before he is abducted by aliens and is taken on a journey across the universe.

To the Moon

The alien abduction is used as a transition from scene to scene, giving Bietto time to change into his next costume. The animation of the UFO flying upwards is looped until it finally flies off revealing Bietto on a puppet show set with a moon made of cheese. As he performs, a swarm of bees steals the sun. This set was used to show Bietto was now in space, and so you can see the other sets being referenced behind him as they orbit the moon.


Bietto finds himself in a forest that is reminisent of a stopmotion set. Little Particles float in the space as he raps his heart out.

Enter the Dungeon

As we are transported to a world with a single path leading to a dungeon, we watch as Bietto enters a dark place where all color is lost. There are warping mirrors to his left and right, where we see his dangerous self-perception. In a song titled 6 1/2, he explores the dangers of casting negative images on ourselves, not allowing us to see ourselves as a perfect 10/10.

Event Branding

The posters and tickets draw inspiration from the whimsical story and style of the video. The primary colors return along with the simplification of the elements from the event, such as the bee, the mirrors as yellow rectangles, and the eyes. My colleague, Caterina Staino, designed the Bietto character to match the style of the event.