Lead Designer
Layout Design
I was tasked with managing the brandbook and rules for fashion brand Autry. After working closely with the client, this is the final result.

New Identity

The common trend in fashion nowadays is to simplify your own brand and put all the color into your products. I identified Autry's challenges in my conversations with their creative director: Their product lines each had a very similar visual language to one another, making it so that the consumers couldn't easily identify themselves with any of the shoes. Our goal with Autry was to simplify their overall brand image and come up with a model of communication that could remain consistent amongst more creative campaigns.

Brand Guidelines

Below are the guidelines I prepared for Autry to use as a more offical book of rules. Using a 10 point baseline grid, and seven rows, I was able to replicate an American flag inspired grid structure.

Buyer Event Invitations

I was also responsible for developing some high-quality invitations that represented their luxury brand image for their large buyer event. I had a lot of fun ideas, playing with more "High Fashion" concepts. For example, creating special shoelaces that would be a part of the invite, or the invite could be a pair of shoes. However, due to time constraints, we went with a simpler application of print that could still convey luxury. The red envelope would be laminated print, and the black ink would be printed on black paper. This effect creates a glossy feeling. Each invite had a digital variation.

Original Flatplans Straight From The Office

Here are some original layout explorations I had prepared for Autry in the form of a flatplan. I always love to find rougher sketches that show more about how I think and plan my work. I enjoy drafting on paper because it enables me to think in a disruptive manner.