Project Lead
Below are 3 murals I designed and illustrated for Dodge City. Each mural aims to commuincate a unique cultural aspect of the city.

The Murals.

Three 40 foot long murals.

Case Study

Dodge City Banner

The first mural was designed to act as a banner image for the city. In the past, Dodge city was considered to be the "Queen of the Cowtowns", as it was responsible for the shipment of many head of cattle to other towns. The type choice has a modern appeal to the classic western typefaces we all know and love.

"Historic" Mural

The second mural draws inspiration from pop culture, drawing subtle inspiration from the popular show "Gunsmoke", while also accurately laying out certain landmarks from the city as it was in the 80s. Lots of studies were done to understand the layout of the cowtown and pay respects to the history of the community.

"International" Mural

The final mural was dedicated to the international community, and was applied to the location where international events usually take place. This piece has the most chroma out of the three, and is intended to brighten the space during events.

Applied Murals

The final murals on site.

Early Development

Below are some preliminary concepts and style explorations that were developed as proposals for the client.