Emprise Bank Event



Art Direction
Design Management
During my time at Gardner Design, I had the privelge to manage the design of the annual Emprise Bank Event. All images are courtesy of Gardner Design.

Emprise Truckster

The Emprise Truckster - based on National Lampoon's Vacation - was developed using photoshop, scaling a small image of a few inches to a full size 17 feet.


Actors were hired to take on the role of your loving relatives; greeting you and engaging with you a few times throughout the event. They also were a key part of the prize station area.

Event Logo Mark

For the entrance of the event space I developed a unique logo mark that was developed into a gobo.

E-mail Communications

Animations and email content was sent internally to all Emprise employees. This was the first visual content developed; setting the tone for the rest of the graphics.